Monday’s Most Wanted – man points a gun at a woman

A man points a gun at a woman after walking up to her car in Berkeley County. He’s also wanted for other charges. 
Capt. Bobby Shuler works with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re looking for Gary Tyrone Rutledge. This stems from an incident that occurred in our county back on June 9 of this year.”
Shuler says Rutledge got out of his car, “and approached a lady in her vehicle and pointed a firearm at her so a warrant was obtained for his arrest and we been looking for him ever since.”
Rutledge has additional charges he is wanted for with the Goose Creek Police Department. “He’s got a very long extensive record with law-enforcement… I think it’s very important to get him off the street. His family knows he’s wanted, he knows he’s wanted, we feel like he is a threat to the community based off the fact that he just pulled a gun on someone randomly without any question.”
If you have any information on this crime, call Crimestoppers at 843-554-1111. 

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