Hanahan family recovering after home burns down, killing family dog

Tonight a Hanahan family is no longer able to live in their home after a fire destroyed the home yesterday. 
The people in Tanner plantation, and really in the Lowcountry are trying to wrap their arms around the family that just lost their home and a family pet.
Shortly before noon on Wednesday, the call came in that the home in the Ibis Glade subdivision in Tanner Plantation was on fire.
Nicole Bullard first heard about it on Facebook. “Actually, I didn’t think it was their house. I thought it was a house behind our house next to a neighbors house.”
Then Bullard realized it was the home of good friends of hers. “I texted her and they don’t know how it happened now, but they’re getting to work on that.”
You can see the damage to the home is complete. The fight to put the fire out was fierce. 2 firefighters had to be transported due to dehydration. “As soon as it happened, they blocked off the road. EMS and fire were there. A lot of people were going to BiLo getting waters, Gatorade, ice for all those standing out in the hot sun and comforting the family and everything… it was crazy because also their dog didn’t make it out so like I know that’s like super devastating and I just feel so bad because they lost everything in their house.”
Chloe was the family dog. She did not escape the fire. 
Bullard says she went to school with several of the family’s children. She decided she had to help them. “Last night I started a gofundme account and I’ve shared it on Facebook and so far we’ve raised about $1400.”
She also coaches powder puff at Hanahan High. The team plans to put together a care package. Also, people in Ibis Glade are putting a care package together as well. The whole community is joining in. “It was just good to see how the community came together at such a tragic time for that family.”

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