911 calls reveal agencies were notified about the loosening tarp

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)–Charleston County authorities have released 911 calls received Wednesday afternoon after a maintenance tarp collapsed on 526. The netting trapped between 10 and 12 cars.

“Yes, I am sitting on the top of the Don Holt Bridge. I am in a big truck. The netting just came down on my truck,” said one caller.

Several drivers are heard asking for assistance. Notifying the operators that they were safe but couldn’t exit their cars.

“I am okay, for now, but I mean my car is totaled,” said another caller.

One 911 call is raising concerns about if this incident could have been avoided.

A driver called to report the loosening tarp on Sunday, three days before the collapse. The man is heard telling the operator that he is worried about what can happen if the tarp comes down.

“I just want to report the Don Holt Bridge where they covered it up.It is flapping. I think it can come completely loose and hit cars and cause havoc and lives lost.” said the caller.

He than asks that the incident be reported to South Carolina Highway Patrol.

SCHP tells News 2 that they received a complaint on Sunday and notified the South Carolina Department of Transportation. SCDOT says they have a call on record and are working to find out how it was addressed.

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