West Nile scare has mosquito abatement alert

A victim of West Nile has been discovered in the Beaufort area. That news has a number of mosquito officials trying hard to fight the problem. 
Jeff Cary is the manager of mosquito abatement for Berkeley County. “Whenever we hear about a case somewhere in the state, we definitely want to ramp up activities for sure. We do everything we can to keep it from rearing it’s head in Berkeley County.”
It’s a systematic process of looking for mosquitos. “Well we’ve got the county broken down into 52 zones. Every zone in the county is visited no less than twice per week.”
We asked Cary about concerns that some people may have about mosquito chemicals getting into Lowcountry waters. “When we spray by aircraft we are adultaciding. We’re not spraying over waterways. We’re putting the pesticide out at such a minute rate, less than 1 ounce per acre.”
When they are called out for mosquitos, they look for standing water, like the water in a bird bath or ditches. “We go out, we take dips and if we find larva present we treat.”
You can help fight the problem. “If they have birdbaths or toys, empty them once a week. If you empty them and refill them once a week you break the lifecycle of the mosquito.”
If you need professional help, call mosquito abatement. “If you want some advice or some help by all means call our office. We will send a team out and help you identify possible sources because we’ve got just numerous sources here in Berkeley County.”


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