Parents of Sarah Jones speak out about trial verdict and daughter’s legacy

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The parents of Sarah Jones say the civil trial against CSX was not about the money, it was about holding those responsible for their daughter’s death accountable and ultimately, making sure it never happens to anyone else.

“Funm, hard-working, professional, a friend to all,” said mother Elizabeth Jones remembering her daughter. “Driven. I think respect..” added father Richard Jones, “If the Film Allman group had just respected the people that they were in charge of that day, respected their lives… It wouldn’t have happened.”

For years, Richard and Elizabeth Jones had unanswered questions about the death of their daughter, Sarah – struck and killed by a train on set of the Gregg Allman film ‘Midnight Rider’.

“How did it unfold? How in the world could a camera assistant be placed in danger.. and how, how did it happen?” asked Richard, “I wish they had said no I wish they had said you absolutely do not have permission don’t do it.”

The jury decided on a verdict against CSX worth $3.9 million, but the Jones’ say it was never about the money.

“We went through the struggle to find out what happened and why it happened and what led up to it. The money… Wasn’t about the money,” said Elizabeth.
“I’m at peace at what we did. The verdict had nothing to do with it,” added Richard.

Now, they say, they have a duty to change things.

“People in the industry in a sense have come to us to be there voice,” Elizabeth said.
“They have a fear to speak up and after Sarah died we were approached by numerous people with in the industry please, please be our voice. They will listen to you,” said Richard.

They’ve started a foundation in their daughter’s name called “The Sarah Jones Film Foundation“, educating film students about safety.

“To change the culture of an entire industry we feel that we really need to start with the youth,” said Richard, “It can help the healing, the healing is a process but it certainly helps.”

While always remembering Sarah…

“Mantra that she said every morning it was on her mirror,” said Elizabeth, “‘I am abundance I live in an abundant universe I have everything I need’ and she lived by that.

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