Closing arguments in Midnight Rider trial set to begin

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WCBD/WSAV) — Closing arguments in the Midnight Rider trial are expected to take place on Monday, July 17.

The family of former College of Charleston student Sarah Jones is suing CSX railroad for negligence.

Jones was killed by one of their trains during the filming of the movie Midnight Rider.

Jurors will have to decide whether the film crew had permission to be on the tracks.

The property owner said it was okay.

Friday, July 14, the defense argued that the film crew knew for a fact that they did not have CSX’s permission to film on the tracks and they did anyway. They brought to the stand the location manager, Charles Baxter, who said he tried to stop the crew from going down to film on the tracks that day.

Baxter was the one who had been emailing with the property owners. He says when he got the email from CSX the morning of the shoot that said they “could not support them”, he made sure the director and production manager knew.

“They said they were going to go down and film and try to get the shot done anyway.”

Communication between the film crew and property owners lasted for about a month, from January until the film date on February 20th.

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