A Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy has been fired after the sheriff says procedures were not followed, allowing an inmate to escape custody. 
Mariel Watson was arrested by Goose Creek Police late last week, but he was taken to Trident Hospital. They believed he may have swallowed some drugs. A Berkeley County deputy was supervising him when he escaped her custody.
At about 2:20 Monday morning, Watson was apprehended near Treeland Drive. That is near the I-26/College Park Road interchange. 
Sheriff Lewis said the deputy watching Watson at Trident hospital did not follow protocol, and unshackled both Watson’s hands and feet to let him use the bathroom. He then ran out of the bathroom and hospital. “After looking at it and examining the facts, that deputy is being terminated.”
He is not releasing the name of the deputy at this time. “This was a complete failure to follow training and policies and orders.”
The sheriff said they can not allow a breech of procedure like this. “You know, we’re dealing with human beings and people make mistakes. But when we have someone in custody, we don’t have the luxury of making these kind of mistakes… I want to apologize to the public for this happening and we don’t tolerate it and that person no longer works here.”
Watson is a convicted sex offender. He was facing failure to register charges as well as other charges. He now has an escape charge, and Sheriff Lewis said they hope to file other charges against him soon.

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