Donnie Wahlberg visits Waffle House, leaves whopping tip

Donnie Wahlberg and the staff at Waffle House in Charlotte. (NBC News)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (KXAN) — If you thought you were a good tipper by tipping 20 percent, celebrity Donnie Wahlberg has you beat.

On Wednesday night, the New Kids on the Block star, along with a few friends, stopped in at a Waffle House in Charlotte to get some late night eats.

While waiting for his food, Wahlberg posted a Facebook Live of him talking to the wait staff and other guests. Much to the surprise of the staff, when Wahlberg went to pay his $82.60 tab, he left a whopping $2,000 tip on his credit card bill.

If you’re wondering how he used a credit card at the formerly cash-only diner, Waffle House says they started taking credit card payments last fall.


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