NEWS 2 I-TEAM: Mount Pleasant water quality causing concerns among customers


MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) — Mount Pleasant Waterworks continues to address water quality concens.

The utility held a community meeting Monday. State health officials started collecting water samples Tuesday to be tested by a third party.

All of this started when several parents posted on social media about their concerns after a number of people in North Mount Pleasant neighborhoods developed brain cancer.

A pediatric neurosurgeon says the so-called “cancer cluster” isn’t statistically out of the ordinary.

Still, environmentalist Erin Brockovich is now investigating the issue, and many of the parents in those neighborhoods still wanted to know more about what their family is drinking.

News 2 spoke on the phone with Brockovich.

“This is us in a quest searching for the truth,” said Brockovich.

“This is an issue that affects all of us, and we think it doesn’t. We have very serious water problems in this country,” she said.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks and Charleston Water System showed many residents are worried about the possibility of pesticides in the water.

Some people have even tested their water at home.

“Everything came back normal, except the pesticides,” said Brandy Richardson. Her son died of a rare brain tumor.

Water officials say they do not recognize the at home tests. They instead perform their own with help from the department of health and environmental control.

Some tests are done daily, like E-Coli testing. Others, like Sodium and Chloride, are performed weekly. Others are taken every three years, like Lead.

One issue brought up at Mount Pleasant Waterwork’s community meeting: The utility may not be testing for all types of pesticides in its routine testing.

The samples taken in Mount Pleasant Tuesday will be tested for pesticides including Naled and other chemicals that cause neighbors concern.

Both Mount Pleasant Waterworks and Charleston Water Systems say at last testing, its water exceeded the criteria set by DHEC.

The water that goes to Mount Pleasant Waterworks Customers comes from several sources

Some get water from an underground aquifer. That is tested for pesticides every three years.

Others’ water comes from Charleston Water System’s surface level reservoirs. That’s tested for pesticides annually.

MPW has not put the pesticide results in its annual report published online because they say none have been detected.

The utilities say the water from all sources is treated before it goes to the customers.

You can see Mount Pleasant Waterworks’ testing update here.


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