Midway Fire Rescue gets new equipment after 10 years

LITCHFIELD BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – As part of a 10-year service plan, the Midway Fire Rescue recently received new equipment to help improve their service and get people out of trapped vehicles faster.

They now have hydraulic rescue tools that allow them to cut into a vehicle door or peel off the roof faster. The new equipment is more modern in technology and officials say it could be the difference between life and death.

“We want to try and get patients to the hospital within an hour,” said Midway Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Jim Crawford.

“These tools remove patients from these vehicles quicker to get them in the ambulance or helicopter, and get them to the hospitals quicker.”

Officials also said because the gear is lighter, it’s less risky for firefighters when dealing with the heat.

“With our heat being 95 and 96 degrees, it’s much easier for the firefighters as far as labor and heat exhaustion,” said Assistant Chief Crawford.

This new Holmatro gear costs about $67,000 and came as part of the Georgetown County Capital Improvement Plan. This is also the same brand of equipment used in the NASCAR Indy races.

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