Historic Charleston Foundation pushing for archaeological protection

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)– The Historic Charleston Foundation has created a petition to urge the City of Charleston to put in an archaeological ordinance.

The petition has upwards of 3,000 signatures.

The city of Charleston, South Carolina currently has no city-wide archaeological ordinance, which means that any time a construction site is cleared on the peninsula, hundreds of years’ worth of history is carted off without archaeological monitoring or study.

The hotel construction site at 404 King Street was once the North city gate where Charles Towne surrendered to the British in 1780. Before construction began, an enormous hole was dug to make way for the hotel’s subterranean parking garage. All those hundreds of tons of dirt were hauled away without any archaeological monitoring. We will never get it back. Context is everything. Preservation matters,” says the Historic Charleston Foundation petition.

Dig at the Aiken Rhett House

Earlier this year, archaeologist discovered a bullet in the soil on the property of the Aiken Rhett House.

The discovery matches up to experts suggestions that the area was once a Revolutionary Era war trench.

Chris Cody with the Historic Charleston Foundation says its findings like the bullet that solidify the need for an ordinance.

City of Charleston Planning Director Jacob Lindsey says his team is currently conducting a study to see if Charleston would benefit from the suggested ordinance.

Lindsey says they are currently researching ordinances in place in other historically significant cities.


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