Boy locked in hot truck in Spartanburg County

SPARTANBURG, Co. (WSPA) – A 7-year-old boy, locked in a hot truck for around an hour, according to Whitney Firefighter Edward Carpenter.

The incident happened at the Beaumont Plaza in the 600 block of Chesnee Highway.

A caller said the child was trying to get out and set off the car alarm, according to Carpenter.

Carpenter said people inside the building heard the alarm and came out to investigate.

The boy’s father told us he did something stupid and left the child in the truck. He said he’d just be a couple of minutes so he left his son in the truck.

The child was showing symptoms of heat illness – specifically, he was acting lethargic, according to Carpenter.

He said the sheriff’s office will make the final determination on if the child will be sent to the hospital or released to his mom who was on the scene.

Deputies will also decide whether charges will be filed.

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