Charleston Fire Department continues to battle bed bugs

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Full pest treatment protocols are now in force at Charleston Fire Department Station 11, after bed bugs were spotted on top of a covered mattress in the dormitory area overnight. The report was confirmed this morning by a trained, pest-sniffing dog, which found that the contamination was limited to a single area of one room in the station.

Firefighters from Station 11 are being relocated to Station 16 while the area is treated, and will return when it has been confirmed to be pest free.

Interim Fire Chief John Tippett said, “Working with Dr. Eric Benson of Clemson University, who told us to expect these kinds of isolated outbreaks due to the scope of the problem in our region, the CFD has developed a strict set of pest control and treatment protocols around a widely recognized set of best practices for these situations: Safety, Transparency, Treatment, Observation and Prevention, or STTOP. In this case, they appear to be working well, as we have been able to identify this outbreak at an early stage, and take quick action while it is still confined to a small portion of one room in the facility.”

The CFD will provide further updates as the station is treated, cleared and returned to service.

“As always, I want to thank the fine members of the Charleston Fire Department, who once again have responded to this situation with patience and professionalism,” Tippett said. “Their unwavering commitment to keeping our city and its citizens safe is what makes it such an honor and privilege to lead this department.”

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