SC lawmakers introduce bill to preserve, protect Fort Sumter & Fort Moultrie

Fort Sumter (NPS)

WASHINGTON (WCBD) – Representative Mark Sanford and Senator Tim Scott introduced the Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Park Act of 2017 in the House and Senate, respectively. By establishing these sites as national parks, this bill would preserve and protect these historically significant places.

“These two sites are profoundly important to our nation and represent an essential part of South Carolina’s role in securing the personal freedoms we all enjoy today,” said Rep. Sanford. “Establishing the Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Park will honor those who lived, worked, and died there as well as help to preserve these sites that remain such an important part of our history.”

“Our state’s history extends well beyond our borders, and runs deep through the very soul of the American story,” said Senator Scott. “It is so important that we preserve these special places, so they can be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.”

The bill, which has already received support from the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Sumter-Fort Moultrie Historical Trust, establishes a clear management plan for the preservation and maintenance of the site and may enhance local economic opportunities and growth by increasing tourism, up from the nearly million visitors annually.

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