17 year old shot at party in Ridgeville

The Berkeley county sheriff’s department is investigating a shooting of a teenager that took place earlier this morning.
It happened on Varner Ridge Lane in the Ridgeville area of Berkeley county.
Neighbors did not want to be identified. One woman told us, “I’ve actually lived out here all of my life. My daddy lives on the street over, so I just love it out here… it’s just so quaint. Everybody just has manners. Everybody knows everybody, it’s a small community you know.”
That’s why this woman says learning about one 17 year old possibly shooting another 17 year old at a house on Varner Ridge Lane Thursday morning is such a shocker. “Everybody out here is mostly family. So, I mean you almost can’t believe stuff like that happens. It’s kind of crazy.”
According to the police report, Timothy Paclibar was having a birthday party. Just after midnight, 17 year old Raymond Astoria allegedly shot Paclibar in the leg. They were inside an RV during the shooting. At first, Paclibar said he had shot his own leg, but family members say Astoria was the shooter.
The investigation of this shooting continues. If you have any information about it, call crimestoppers at 843-554-1111. 

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