Dispatch calls offer a glimpse into North Charleston officer involved shooting

Credit: WCBD/Colby Thelen

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)–   Newly released dispatch radio transmission shows multiple neighbors reported shots fired near Vistavia Road.

“It was pow, pow, pow, I don’t know how many shots it happened so fast,” said one neighbor while talking to a dispatch operator.

“I think I heard about 6 shots,” said another neighbor.

According to investigators, Lt. Richard Keys got into a shootout with 56-year-old Lawrence Heyward Jr. after he saw Heyward leave a convenience store wearing a mask.

In the dispatch recording between the officer and dispatch operator you can hear the officer report a possible robbery.

“I think I have a robbery getting ready to take place at the Scotchman on Rivers,” says on officer.

That officer was reportedly parked nearby.

“Black male, about 6 ft. medium build, dressed in all black,” said the officer.

The officer than notifies dispatch that he is following the suspect.

“Vehicle’s westbound on Rivers. Stand by for tag,” says the officer.

One can then hear the officer ask if the suspect is armed.

“Was he armed?, He is trying to get me to rear-end him. Left on Vistavia,” says the officer.

“He is getting ready to bail, he is getting ready to bail,” says the officer before reporting shots fired.

“Shots fired, suspect’s down give me some units and EMS. Dispatch, I need first-responders, suspect’s is not moving,” says the officer.

56-year-old Lawrence Heyward Jr. was taken to Trident Hospital and pronounced dead.

The incident in North Charleston was the 26th officer-involved shooting in South Carolina in 2017 and the second this year involving officers of the North Charleston Police Department.

In 2016, there were 41 officer-involved shooting in South Carolina; two involved the North Charleston Police Department.


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