Santee Cooper board to decide whether to scrap nuclear plant plans

Santee Cooper and SCE&G have a difficult decision about what to do regarding their nuclear power plants currently under construction at the VC Summer site.

Back in 2008, Santee Cooper and SCE&G decided to expand their VC Summer nuclear site by adding 2 new nuclear power plants. Westinghouse Electric Company was hired to build those plants. In March, Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy.

Mollie Gore is a spokeswoman for Santee Cooper. “We have been really reevaluating in the project and getting a firsthand look at some of the detailed information.”

Costs have risen significantly. Santee Cooper owns 45% of the project. They were supposed to pay $5.1 billion for their share. Currently that number is at $6.2 billion. 

Yesterday Santee Cooper gave a 45 day extension on their right to decide what they would like to do. They could cancel the project, complete it, or build just one of the two plants. 

But Santee Cooper and SCE&G customers have been paying fees to build the plants for years. We asked Gore about the money customers have been paying in their electric bill, and what would happen with that money if the plants are never built. “Right now, Santee Cooper and SCANA are taking a detailed look at all the inputs to the project so we can determine our next steps.”
News 2 will let you know as soon as the Santee Cooper board makes a decision. 

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