Recalled Volkswagen storage lot discovered in Ga.

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WCBD) — Thousands of Volkswagens recalled due to the automakers cheating on emissions tests found in Georgia.
A truck carrying a trailer filled with VWs went into a ditch Friday, June 23. It turns out they were headed to a lot about 15 miles away.

The spokesperson for Walker County, Georgia says VW contacted them at the beginning of this year for a place to store those vehicles while they work on a fix after hearing they had a lot of empty land.

“They are being stored on private property so they contacted our development authority to find out what sites we had available and then we helped coordinate with the private property owners,” according to Joe Legge.

Legge adds VW is storing about 9,000 cars on that site. He says they wanted to show VW and its suppliers that the County is willing to work with businesses in hopes it leads to future development in Walker County.

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