Volvo job preparation classes begin in Moncks Corner

Volvo will be hiring up to 2,000 new employees to help build cars at their new plant in Berkeley County before you know it. 
Hannah Moldenhauer is the Public Information Officer for Berkeley County. “The information sessions earlier this month… they went off really well… County leaders really want Berkeley County citizens to have the same opportunities to essentially have the first bite at the apple if you will, at those manufacturing positions at Volvo.”
Volvo will begin actually hiring employees to operate their plant in the fall. Since Volvo requires manufacturing experience, the county is working with Trident Technical College in Moncks Corner. 
This past Saturday was the first day of training at Trident for potential job applicants. “It went off tremendously. And so that was the first class and they’re going to continue having follow up classes because it is a 52 hour course.”
If you missed the first two informational sessions for Berkeley County residents, don’t worry. A third session will soon be scheduled. “I think a lot of people may have been frustrated because this is all coming together in a very tight period of time.”
They expect more than 500 people may sign up for that 3rd session. Another training class at Trident will begin after that meeting. “They’re having the hiring spree in the fall, so right now is when we need to get Berkeley County residents qualified to apply in a few months.”
There no date set yet for that third informational session, but that’s expected to happen possibly sometime by the end of July. 

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