Pledge to Stay Sober Behind the Wheel, Get Free Uber Credits

The Hawkins Law Firm wants you to be safe this July 4th holiday. They are giving away Uber credits to 500 individuals in the Lowcountry who takes the pledge to not drink and drive this July 4th.

The campaign starts Monday and will last through Friday at 5pm. During this time, any individual located in the Charleston area can fill out the pledge on their website to receive their free $10 Uber credit.

The first 100 people that sign up each day will be the ones to receive the Uber credit. The Uber credits can be used starting Friday at 9pm and will expire on July 5th at 6am. Our goal is to get 500 individuals to take the promise that they will make it home safely during the holiday.

John Hawkins, Founder and Owner of the Hawkins Law Firm is passionate about bringing awareness to the tragedies that occur when people decided to drink and drive. John has made it his mission to make the highways of Charleston South Carolina the safest during this holiday weekend.

“July 4th is almost here! A holiday filled with celebrations involving friends, family, good food and fireworks. Unfortunately, July 4th celebrations can also turn tragic. South Carolina has one of the highest alcohol impaired driving fatality rates in the nation, and Charleston’s per capita alcohol consumption rate far outpaces the national average. As plaintiff’s lawyers, we’ve seen the devastating consequences of drunk driving first hand. Far too often, we’ve seen lives ruined and families torn apart. So please take the pledge to not drink and drive this holiday. And keep in mind, the $10 Uber credit can only be credited to one person, so if you’re celebrating with friends, please ask them to sign up too. Hope you and yours have the best July 4th yet. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little celebration, as long as you keep it safe!”
– John Hawkins

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