Charleston School Board close to $14,000 raise for itself

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Charleston County School Board is one step closer to giving its members a significant pay raise.

CCSD board members voted 5-2 to pass the first reading of a proposal that would pay each of the nine county school board members a $14,428 annual salary.

CCSD board members currently make $25 a meeting will become the second highest-paid school board in the state if the measure passes.

CCSD is the second largest school district in state.

“I don’t know who we jump to $14,000 a year with extra expenses,” said board member Cindy Bohn Coats.

Coats was one of the two board members that abstained and says she is cautious to approve the policy because of the budget already being locked in for next year.

“We don’t necessarily have a pot of money laying around to suddenly spend it on this,” said Coats, “it can’t come from a budget that’s already set.”

The 50 CCSD Constituent Board members make $20 a meeting and would make $7,214 annually under the policy.

“Last year I probably made less than $300 and probably spent ten times that of my personal money,” said District 1 Constituent Board member Joe Bowers.

Bowers says he frequently has to spend out of his own pocket for district-related travel.

“We don’t even break even in what we’re paid per diem,” said Bowers.

The total tab for the compensation proposal is $495,552 and goes to a second vote in July.

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