Special Olympian to defend gold

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – In 2016, the first Olympic gold in 112 years was awarded in the sport of golf in Rio.

But who knew there was someone from Charleston also chasing gold on the course. Stevie Betros won gold at the 2016 Special Olympics North American Golf Tournament. He’s defending his title this week.

“I had a great time out there and I had a great partner out there his name was Coach Phil. Coach Phil Coffey. Now I get another partner named Coach Mike. Let’s see if I can do it again with Coach Mike,” says Stevie.

Coach Mike and Stevie compete together through good times and when golf gets tough.

“I’ve known Stevie for a few years. I’ve been doing the Special Olympics golf now for about ten years. I’m honored to get paired up with Stevie. He has such a disposition that he picks me up and tells me to jump on his back when I make a bad shot so he’s a pleasure to play with,” Mike describes.

But win or lose, Stevie and Mike are excited about their journey to Seattle.

“So everybody is a winner in my book and golf has made my life pretty good,” says Stevie.

The duo heads to Seattle, Washington for the 2017 Special Olympics North America Golf Tournament June 25th through June 28th.

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