Listening session addresses residents’ concerns over Maryville-Ashleyville development

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and other city council members met with people who live in West Ashley Saturday to talk about the future of the Maryville-Ashleyville communities.

The listening session took place at the schoolhouse on Magnolia Road. Almost all the chairs in the room were occupied.

City Councilman James Lewis called the meeting to deliver the facts about the new development in West Ashley and hear from those who live there.

Last year, Crescent Homes purchased several acres of land with plans to develop 40 single-family homes.

Part of the property is currently Campbell-Knuppel Mobile Home Park. There are currently about 20 mobile homes on the site. Residents received a notice last month notifying them of new ownership.

Some residents have been relocated, but not all of them.

The city leaders at the meeting explained the Ashleyville area is now zoned for only single family homes.

The city is planning to build 7 affordable housing units. 5 more may come.

Mayor Tecklenburg says this will mean the area won’t become too commercialized.

“It will remain a single family, family neighborhood, and we’re just going to try to make it better and better as we go,” said Tecklenburg.

Also brought up in the meeting was the way property taxes will be affected.

Charleston County Auditor Peter Tecklenburg also attended the listening session to answer questions.

Those in the Ashleyville area who are property owners should be paying only 4% property tax. Others pay 6%. Certain qualifications may also give you a tax break. If you feel you need help, contact the auditor’s office.

Additionally, the Ashleyville Neighborhood Association is planning a meeting in August where people can talk one-on-one with city leaders and auditors about the tax process.

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