27 people arrested for drugs/gun related charges in Rutt road area of Goose Creek

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — The Berkeley County sheriffs office, ATF agents, and the US Attorney announced a big raid this afternoon.

This was a major drug and gun raid in Berkeley County. 27 people were arrested over a period of two days.

Last night, Rutt Lane in Goose Creek was a busy place. 10 law enforcement departments worked together to bring the more than two dozen suspects into custody.

Sheriff Duane Lewis says they were arrested Wednesday and Thursday. “This investigation began about two years ago as a result of the people in Goose Creek coming to me.”

Sheriff Duane Lewis then requested assistance from ATF because the problem was big and growing in that area off Howe Hall road.

South Carolina’s US Attorney Beth Drake also spoke at the press conference. “What I’m here to tell you today is that law enforcement in South Carolina is getting the job done.”

State Rep. Samuel Rivers lives in and represents the area. He contacted Sheriff Lewis to get this investigation started. He says people have been frustrated with crime in the area for years. “The constituents would call when they felt that they were not getting any help from law enforcement. Thank God for Sheriff Lewis.”

27 of the suspects they were looking for were arrested on drug, gun or other related charges.

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