South Carolina’s last Confederate flag remains in a box

This rendering made available by Haley Sharpe Design, shows the approved display design where the confederate flag that was removed from the South Carolina statehouse in the summer of 2015 will be shown. The commission that runs the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum approved the design Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, that would feature the flag in a glass case surrounded by displays that scroll the names of the 22,000 South Carolinians killed in the Civil War. (Haley Sharpe Design via AP)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – Nearly two years after South Carolina lawmakers promised to publicly display the final Confederate flag removed from Statehouse grounds, the banner still sits in a box in a museum.

That’s because the Legislature hasn’t provided any money for a new display.

Allen Robeson is executive director of the State Museum’s Confederate Relic Room. He initially requested nearly $4 million for a high-tech project that would include the flag, along with screens displaying pictures or names of Civil War dead. He’s now asking for $200,000 to convert two museum offices into a display room.

Lawmakers passed a bill in July 2015 permanently removing the flag from in front of the Statehouse. They did so in response to the killings of nine black parishioners by a white supremacist who had posed with pictures of the banner.

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