VIDEO: Woman dragged by car on busy Southern California freeway

ORANGE COUNTY (KRON/CNN) — Dramatic video captured a woman being dragged by a car along a busy Southern California freeway during an apparent conflict.

Imagine heading home from work on the 55 freeway northbound in Santa Ana, and you see this scary scenario playing out–a woman hanging off a car door being dragged down a freeway.

Well, that’s what these two Orange County friends witnessed on Monday evening during rush hour traffic.

They say she hopped out of the white car and ran and grabbed on to the passenger side of the black car.

“Basically, we noticed somebody jump out of a car,” witness Gabriel Martinez said. “And when we looked over, at first, it’s kind of like, whoa, we’re on the freeway and somebody jumps out a car. It doesn’t process right. So after that, you see she ran towards the other vehicle and started screaming at the passenger side of the vehicle.”

They say she seemed to be going after the woman sitting in the passenger seat of the black car.

“And she starts swinging at the passenger side of the black car,” Martinez said. “And then I guess the black car, in defense, just took off. And then she held on to dear life. She held on for a couple minutes going about 12 miles an hour, I want to say.”

They feared for her safety.

“I was afraid for the chick, her well-being,” Martinez said. “I didn’t want her to get hurt or ran over or anything like that.”

They say she eventually gave up and walked away.

It’s unknown if it was a road rage incident.

These guys have their own theory.

“The dude that was driving, the girl on the side that must have been the side chick,” Martinez said. “And then the girl that jumped out of the car was the real girlfriend, so she went over there to beat up the side chick. That’s what we think because it kind of seemed weird. It just happened out of nowhere.”

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