VIDEO: Woman mistakes rattlesnake for dog toy

CALABASAS (KRON) — A woman in Southern California experienced the scare of her life when she picked up what she thought was a dog toy.

Carla Portocarerro Rosso was calling it a night after a relaxing evening in her hot tub last Wednesday.

When she got out to go back inside the house, she spotted what looked like her dog Dutchess’s toy rope.

“I picked it up and it felt squishy, that’s when I realized it wasn’t the rope,” Carla said.

Carla realized she was actually holding a rattlesnake with her bare hand.

This is when she screamed and ran back to her husband, Ariel, who was still in the hot tub.

The two called the guard for help, but he too was afraid of the rattler.

In the end, the local fire department came, and as Carla puts it, “took care of it!”

Everyone, including Dutchess the Chicken German Sheppard, was safe and sound.

It’s that time of year when rattle snakes come out to play. Keep your guard up and stay safe in the summer heat!

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