Families of Superbike murder victims find peace in conviction

Credit: WSPA

Tom and Lorraine Lucas’ 10-year-old grandson Tyler jumps in their pool on this hot summer day.

A scene that has become the norm for a family that has made a crusade for justice their life for the past 13 years.

“I never guessed it would have been solved, I thought that boat had sailed,” said Tom Lucas.

A picture of Brian Lucas and Tom sits on their mantle, next to the phrase, never never never give up.

The families are adamant that the right man for their son’s death is behind bars, sealed with watching the evidence from their case come out.

“His demeanor has just been shocking to me,” said Scott Ponder widow Melissa Brackman. “I thought he’d fall over when he said to the investigators that he would be happy to train the swat team. Somebody who thinks like that after what he’s done, that’s scary,” said Lucas.

A killer now behind bars, serving 7 life sentences, the families now focus on their new normal and the life they hope to lead, but they know more will come out.

“I think there will be more things to unfold with this case, there’s still more,” said Lorraine Lucas.

ATF is continuing their investigation into how Todd Kohlhepp got his guns.

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