Protect your child from dangers around your home

As parents you try to protect your child from all kids of dangers. Often, some of the ones that are the easiest to overlook are those that are in and around your own home.

This week, News 2’s Ashley Osborne shows you some ways to “childproof” your home.

When considering your house as a whole, the childproofing process can be overwhelming. There are so many things that can be a potential danger to your little ones. We break it down room by room to make it a little more manageable.

• Lock the stove knobs to keep kids from starting stove burners
• Install a safety cover on the garbage disposal to protect little hands
• Attach safety latches and locks to drawers or cabinets

• Make sure the crib meets federal safety regulations (Check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission for tips)
• Install window guards

Living Room
• Do away with blind cords and buy cordless blinds
• Keep electronic cords out of reach
• Lock down the TV so that a child cannot pull it on top of themselves

• Attach safety latches and locks especially on cabinets and/or drawers with medicine
• Install an anti-scald device on faucets and shower heads to prevent burns

• Install a 5-foot-high fence around the pool (Make sure the gate can be opened quickly by an adult in case of an emergency).
• Don’t let water accumulate on the top of the pool cover as it is a drowning hazard
• Install drain covers inside your pool to prevent hair or clothing from getting sucked in
• Keep kids inside while using lawn equipment
• If the space between your deck railings is larger than 3 inches, install mesh or plastic
• Place mulch or sand underneath playgrounds to prevent cuts, scrapes and/or broken bones

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