Remembering the Charleston 9: Mark Kelsey

Mark Kelsey’s son, Paul, says he will always remember his dad as someone who was laid back and reliable.

Paul Kelsey says, “Knowing his passion for firefighting and how much he loved helping people, I think even if he knew he still would’ve ran in there and tried to help.”

Paul says Mark was an upbeat and positive guy. He says even though his dad died when Paul was in his early teens, he gave his son a lifetime of experiences.

Kelsey says, “We always did everything together. We would go golfing, fishing, watch NASCAR together, play video games together, anything you could think of we would do together.”

He says Mark loved to bring him around the fire station to hang out with the crew and would call on them to help make days a little extra special.

Kelsey says, “What he would do at Christmas-time is, he would pretend like he was going to work and he would get everyone from the fire station to come, bring the gifts, and put them all together and stuff while I was in the other room. To me, since I was so young, this only took like five minutes, so when I came out, all of the sudden all these gifts are just magically there.”

Paul says nothing will ever be the same without his dad, but he is honored to call himself a Kelsey.

He says, “I definitely consider myself proud of what he’s accomplished and what he’s done to help the state of South Carolina.”


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