Georgetown County to update 25-year old beach management plan

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WBTW) – The Georgetown County Council is discussing bringing in consultants to update a beach plan that hasn’t been modified since 1992.

After back-to-back hurricanes slammed the area two years in a row, the county decided to look into creating a more modern plan. Having an updated plan would make it easier for beaches like Garden City or Litchfield Beach to get funding from the state faster after natural disasters.

It would cost about $10,000 for consultants to survey the beaches and create a plan, but the county thinks it’s a good investment because they say the beach is why people are there.

“They want that resource in place,” said Georgetown County spokesperson Jackie Broach. “This just helps us streamline things and make things go a little faster when we do have to make repairs.”

County councilman Steve Goggans is also in support of updating the beach management plan. He said the people living on these beaches invest so much money into the economy and they deserve to have good beaches.

“Preparing and then being able to go back and restore the beaches is enormously important,” said Goggans. “That’s why the people that live here are here. At the end of the day, it all distills down to the oceans, beaches, and the quality of life.”

The county says this decision to bring in consultants is not yet finalized because it still has to go through three readings of council and get approved.

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