The “Landing Brave” sculpture at Charles Towne Landing may soon be coming down

Tonight, lots of people across the Lowcountry are concerned about a long-time Charleston statue. 
For forty years, since 1977, if you were a kid in the Lowcountry, you probably went on field trips to Charles Towne Landing. 
And if you went to Charles Towne Landing, you probably took a picture next to the “Landing Brave.” 
Tuesday night, Kelly Gaskins started a one-woman campaign online to spotlight plans to get rid of Landing Brave. “When I look and think of Charles Towne Landing, I think of the landing brave. It is an icon… I have been informed by park officials that it is going to permanently be removed.”
A state park spokeswoman says the decision had been made to permanently remove the Landing Brave, but now they are reconsidering what to do.
Gaskins’ posts have been shared hundreds of times now, and hundreds more have signed an online petition to keep the Landing Brave in place. “It represents 40 years of memories for families not just in South Carolina, but across the world.”
Park manager Rob Powell, says age and storms have caused damage. “Just to prevent any safety hazards, we were talking about taking it down to look at the structural integrity of it, make repairs and make a decision further after that point.”
Another issue is that they do not believe it is historically accurate. “The depiction of the Landing Brave is of a western plains Indian. a proper depiction of a coastal Indian such as the Kiawah or Edisto tribe you see right behind the Kiawah statue.”
However, Powell says if the Landing Brave is structurally safe, they will put it back up. “Certainly. No plans have been made at all to permanently remove the Landing Brave.”
Powell says they plan to remove the statue in the late summer or fall and then determine whether or not it is structurally sound. 
You can see Gaskin’s Facebook post at the link below.

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