News 2 I-Team Update: Mt. Pleasant Council moves forward on moratorium

A look at flooding in the back yard of a home in Old Mt. Pleasant.

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) — Mount Pleasant Town Council met Tuesday and voted to pass a 60-day moratorium on new construction in the area of the old village. Council members hope this will help solve flooding problems.

The News 2 I-Team last week aired a story about drainage problems in the old village. At the town committees meeting last week, council members first proposed the moratorium.

Many roads in old Mount Pleasant don’t have storm drains. They are state-owned roads. Council members say flooding has become worse recently due to new development. The homes are built at a higher level than the older, existing homes. That leaves the storm water to drain into neighbors yards.

Councilman Joe Bustos says during this moratorium, council needs to come up with a plan to fix the drainage issues.

“It’s only a band aid for now, but stopping the new development, at least for a while until we have a handle on this, is what we need to do,” Bustos said.

News 2 will continue to follow this story.

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