A look back at the Stingrays’ season

CHARLESTON S.C. – The South Carolina Stingrays managed to work their way to the Kelly Cup Final’s in 2017. The Stingrays finished the regular season by grinding through the last month of the year just to slip into the playoffs as a seven seed.

Head Coach Ryan Warsofsky was the driving force behind their late success but was proud of the way his team fought all season.

“We turned it around went on a pretty good run clinched that playoff spot.The playoff run was obviously special. We didn’t win the championship but being down two nothing in round one being down two nothing in round two and coming back and going up to Manchester trying to win three out of four. Give this group a lot of credit we road them all year long” said Ryan Warsofsky

The Stingrays fell just short in the finals but Coach is excited about the growing fan base in Charleston and wants to get them the Championship they deserve.

“The ECHL is a 12 month job and that’s what I signed up for and I’m excited for it. I’m excited to build the next great Stingrays team and hopefully that gets us over the hump.”

South Carolina will get 2017-2018 underway on October 20th at home against Greenville.

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