Remembering the Charleston 9: Brad Baity


The Baity family asked for privacy during this emotional time leading up to the 10 year anniversary of the Sofa Superstore fire, but Brad Baity’s widow, Heather, sent News 2 some information to help the community remember him.

Brad Baity began his firefighting career with the Marines and worked in Crash Crew Rescue Aircraft Firefighting. Within the Charleston Fire Department, Brad was known as a man of few words, someone who kept his head down and got his work done. This came in handy, his wife says he earned the reputation as “the prankster of the crew, playing many jokes with a straight face.”

Brad was the father to two children and dedicated to his family. His wife says he “was the type of father who just got down and played on the floor with his kids and laughed”.

The Baity family says, “it has been our prayer that the sacrifice of Brad’s life and the lives of the other 8 men has opened the way of safety improvements within all fire departments across the country which has ultimately save many firemen’s lives”.

Brad will always be remembered by his wife and children as a man who was reliable and put others before himself.






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