4-year-old NC boy sets up lemonade stand to raise money for the homeless

STOKES, N.C. (WNCT) – Caden Weatherington isn’t your average 4-year-old. The little boy is on a very big mission to help the homeless in Pitt County.

Caden’s mom, Brigde Weatherington, said it all started after her son saw a homeless man on the streets in Greenville.

“He said, ‘Mommy what’s that man doing?’ and I said, ‘Buddy, that man don’t have it like we do, he doesn’t have a home,’” she said. “He said, ‘Mommy, we’ve got to go home to get my piggy bank.’”

Out of that experience came Caden’s Lemonade Stand, now set up in front of Stokes Elementary School along Highway 903.

Caden Weatherington (WNCT)

During his first sale, Caden raised $120. All of that money went to help those most in need.

“He went to buy supplies for the homeless shelter, and we delivered it that Tuesday,” Weatherington said. “And to see him with the people there and to hear their stories, it just lit up his world.”

With each week that goes by, Caden’s customer base is growing. He’s now inspiring adults through a small, simple action.

“I feel like if more people would get involved with helping the homeless that God would bless us,” said Annie Edwards, who stopped with her husband for lemonade.

Caden plans to set up his lemonade stand every Saturday in Stokes until the end of the summer. He said there’s still a lot of supplies left to buy.

“Tooth brushes, and tooth paste, and everything else,” Caden said.

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