One CCSD constituent board speaks out against the handling of principal transfers

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD)– The District 10 Board of Trustees gathered Thursday night to discuss a number of issues, including the recent principal hires and transfers.

Earlier this summer, the school board announced they would be transferring several principals.The decision raised concerns among parents and administrators who say there was a lack of transparency and communication from the school district.

District 10 board members moved a motion to draft a letter to the CCSD school board. The letter will request policy adjustments to require board approval for any principal hires and transfers.

The letter is similar to the letter sent by the District 2 Constituent Board below:

May 17, 2017

Charleston County School District Board of Trustees

75 Calhoun Street

Charleston, SC 29401

Re:  Principal Concern at JBE


Dear members of the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees,


It has come to our attention that a recent decision to transfer the principal of James B. Edwards Elementary (JBE) has caused a great deal of disruption in the school community.  We have received an outpouring of communications from our constituents who shared both their high praise of Mr. Rambo as a principal and their devastation that he is being transferred to another school.  We are also in receipt of a petition signed by over 1,100 people asking that he remain at JBE.


Mr. Rambo was appointed as principal for JBE less than two years ago.  We have faith in the principal hiring process which includes input from our constituent school board, as well as other community representatives and stakeholders.


We believe that stability in school leadership is important to the cohesiveness of the school staff and the welfare of the students.  We do not believe that involuntary principal transfers benefit our schools, teachers, or students.


Since principal appointments and assignments are so vital to a school community, we believe that these important decisions need to be approved by elected school board members.


Therefore, we make the following recommendations

  • Policy GCF (Principal Staff Hiring) should be amended to state that principal appointments require board approval.
  • Policy GCKBA (Transfer of Administrative Staff) should be amended to state that principal transfers require board approval.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



Sarah Johnson


Moultrie District 2 Constituent School Board

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