Mount Pleasant Mayor addresses citizens’ concerns regarding storm water fees

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) — As we get deeper into hurricane season, Mount Pleasant crews are working on drainage projects to prevent flooding. People who live in Mount Pleasant pay an annual $60 storm water fee to support those projects.

However, several people contacted the i-team saying they aren’t seeing any relief.

Rosemary Burnett lives on Freeman Street in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant. It’s an area without storm drains.

Every time it rains, water fills Rosemary’s yard.

She says flooding has always been a problem in her yard.

Back in the 90’s, she says she was promised storm drains, but those never came.

Those storm drains never came.

“They said you’re next, you’re next. My husband died February 25 of 95, and I just got off their backs. They bypassed me,” said Rosemary.

In October of 2015, Rosemary said her yard flooded. Water went under her house, and sat there for almost 6 weeks.

She says she tried to get someone to pump the water.

“If they would have pumped my yard, I wouldn’t have lost everything,” said Rosemary.

The sitting water saturated the house. Almost everything inside was affected by black mold.

Mount Pleasant Mayor Linda Page says that’s the goal of the town’s infrastructure project is to fix roads and drainage.

The storm water fees give the town about $2 million a year. $100,000 goes toward drainage studies. Other money goes toward projects, like fixing old pipes.

Page says crews just finished Old Village’s study.

“There [are] no pipes in the ground. There’s no drainage. So, we’re going to have to go in and do some pilot work to see if we can go in and capture some of that water,” Page said.

Many roads in the old village are state roads, and improvements will require collaboration with multiple agencies.

In the meantime, Page says town leaders are focusing on what they can do to prevent problems going forward.

“We’ve now realized we’re going to have to change the ordinances,” Page said.

“If you build a new property … perhaps we say, no you deal with your drainage first,” she said.

News 2 visited Rosemary’s home on Tuesday, the day after News 2 covered this issue at the town’s committees’ meetings. An engineer was pumping her yard.

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