Authorities release report on CCSD child found unconscious in pond

Cool School: Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary (Image 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD)- Charleston police have released the May 15 incident report on a near drowning at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School.

When officers arrived, they were notified that a special needs student was found unconscious in a pond.

According to police records, the incident occurred after the child got separated from his six classmates during recess, which was held on a fenced-in playground.

Authorities spoke with the student’s substitute teacher, who they state was very upset about the incident and was being consoled by a school official in an office.

At approximately 10:15a.m. the substitute teacher took the class out for recess.  The woman told officers that she periodically conducts a head count as the children play.

The teacher noticed a child was missing around 10:55a.m. when she blew her whistle to signal the children that it was time to return to class. The teacher began to look for the child.  After searching several locations, the teacher heard someone yell out that the child was in the pond. She then ran towards the pond, hopped the fence and jumped into the water to pull the child out.

According to the teacher the child was floating in the water, face down. She pulled the child out of the water with the help of another teacher and began administering CPR. Several others assisted in the resuscitation efforts.  About 15 minutes passed before the child was transported to the hospital.

The Charleston County School District later released a statement saying the child was on the road to a full recovery.

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