NFL star visits local hospital

SUMMERVILLE,SC (WCBD) — On Friday Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, and Fort Dorchester High School alumnus, Carlos Dunlap visited patients at Summerville Medical Center.

Standing 6’6″ and weighing it at 280 pounds Dunlap was a large presence at the local hospital, but what may have been even larger were the smiles on the faces of those he visited.

Beginning in the children’s hospital, Dunlap walked through the halls and to the waiting room, interacting with young and old. He spoke with them, listened to them and shared advice with the kids about how to be successful in life. He says he wishes he had somebody do the same when he was young.

This wasn’t Dunlap’s first hospital visit. He says he often goes to children’s hospitals with his teammates in Cincinnati. He also says that he and his teammates also made pacts to go and do the same in their own hometowns.

Dunlap made his way back to the lowcountry to host a family fun day at his old Alma Mater, but before the community event, he visited with those who may not have been able to make it. His hope was that spending time with patients would help take their mind off of the reason they were there. He says he knows a hospital can be a stressful and uncertain place.

He also says coming home to Dorchester County is a humbling experience, helping him remember where he came from and all the people that encouraged him to achieve his goals.

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