Mt. Pleasant Councilmembers recognize drainage issues in Old Village

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) — Rosemary Burnett lives on Freeman Street in the Old Village area of Mount Pleasant. She’s lived there for 40 years. There has never been a storm drain on her street.

She says every time it rains heavily, her yard floods.

After the Thousand-Year Flood in 2015, her home flooded. It developed black mold, and her home is now unlivable. It will cost about $40,000 to fix. As a widow, she can’t afford it.

Burnett and other neighbors spoke up at Monday’s Mount Pleasant Planning and Development Committee Meeting.

“The problem isn’t what falls from the sky. I can handle what falls from the sky,” Burnett said. She says the problem is the water that drains from other streets to her yard. She says because there is no drain on the road, the water collects in her yard.

This topic was brought up at Monday’s meeting.

Council members say one problem is new development in the older neighborhoods. Some are build at higher grounds with insufficient drainage infrastructure that’s causing the storm water to roll down the street.

The committee agreed that it would like to halt new construction in certain parts of the Old Village for 60 days to assess what needs to be done to fix the problem.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s going to be very, very expensive, and we’re going to have to put drain pipes in an area where there had been none,” said Council Member Joe Bustos. “So that means in the right of way there’s going to be a lot of work going on.”

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