This Wando High School valedictorian draws inspiration from his faith and family

CHARLESTON (WCBD) – Families in the Lowcountry are in the middle of planning and attending high school graduation ceremonies.

Wando High School held its graduation at the Coliseum in Charleston on Thursday, with almost 950 graduates earning diplomas.

For the school’s valedictorian it was an even more special day and he said got to the top by relying on his family, his teachers and his faith.

Jarrod Bohr, a math phenom and accelerated student in almost all courses, took 14 advanced placement classes this year. He was a varsity cross country runner and president of two honor societies.

He is about to embark on the next chapter of his life with his twin brother, who also graduated from Wando and was a star student and member of the marching band himself.

Both said today’s graduation not only represents a culmination of four years of hard work but a celebration of the future.

“I feel more prepared for college than ever. It’s a great time for me,” said Jarrod.

Both Jarrod and Ryan will attend Clemson University in the fall, which will bring plenty of change but also some of the same. The fraternal twins, who share a room in their Mount Pleasant home, will also be bunkmates at college.

“It’s going to be pretty similar to what we’re doing now, it will just make the transition a lot easier,” said Ryan.

As for his valedictory remarks, Jarrod prepared the message on his own, saying “God’s given me a great sense of time management,” and he wanted to encourage his graduating class with some scripture.

“It’s a classic change the world graduation message,” said Jarrod. “For me that means showing the love that Christ first showed others.”

Their mother says she is impressed with both graduates, although she admits she isn’t quite ready to be an “empty nester.”

“It’s going to be really emotional, I’m sure, but we’re just so proud of both of them,” said Cindy Bohr, mother of the twins. “They’ve both worked very hard and had exceptional teachers along the way.”

Jarrod will graduate with straight A’s, with the exception of one “B.” He received that grade in Geometry, although he took the course at an accelerated pace. His final GPA, accounting for the AP courses: 5.238.






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