New Sea Turtle Recovery Center now open at SC Aquarium

It’s been in the works for years and now the Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery Center is open at the South Carolina Aquarium. In the past, the sea turtle hospital was only available to a limited number of guests for an extra charge, but this new exhibit is open to everyone with the price of an aquarium ticket. Recovery center staff say this new facility has deeper tanks which will accommodate more and larger turtles. It also has many hands on activities for kids. They hope the up close experience with these creatures will inspire kids to get involved in conservation.

Willow Melamet, Sea Turtle Center Manager, says, “Having that personal connection with a turtle, seeing its transformation, really does hit home. And having kids see it at an early age, as well as adults, I’m just hoping that will engage people to have more respect for the ocean and sea turtles in particular”.

The aquarium says six turtles currently in the exhibit will be ready to be released this week.

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