Young man with strong work ethic gets lawn mower surprise

A young North Carolina boy is on the hunt for a summer job.

“I’m getting older, but I have to find something to do. I can’t just sit in the house and play on my life. I have to get outside and do something,” Q’yaron Godson said.

Q’Yaron asked a local land care company for a job.

“He loves to do things beyond a little 11-year-old’s thoughts,” Q’Yaron’s mom said.

When they said no, he went back and asked if they could help him find a used mower.

The local business reached out to the man who repairs their gear. He admired the boy for his work ethic so, he and his wife went to a local Lowes and decided to surprise him.

“I was going to fall out crying,” Q’Yaron said. “I just want them to know I’m very thankful to have everything that I have now, and God bless them all.”

Not only did he get a mower, but William and his wife went to Lowe’s and bought him a brand new lawn mower, weed-eater, and gas cans.

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