Threatening letters sent to local police department

Summerville, SC— Letters with threatening content sent to a local police department. The writer talks about Russian bombs, blacks and Muslims and tells police to “watch their backs” because America is becoming “anti-police.”

The sender addressed the letters to the Summerville Police Department. As soon as the department got the mail, they checked for fingerprints. They did not find any. The police report says, on the bottom of the envelope the sender wrote, “this is serious.” The postmark showed the letter came from Nashville, Tennessee and was dropped in the mail 3 days prior to when it arrived in Summerville.

Inside were pamphlets and handwritten notes. The pamphlets talked about the “sad state of America” and how to fix what the author said was the problem. The notes referenced “blacks and Muslims” as part of the so-called issues in our country. Also included, the writer warns about Russian missile teams in Iran and North Korea. The sender said, “They’re making nuclear bombs.”

Lt. Nick Santanna with Summerville PD tells News 2 that cases like this are a challenge. He says there is typically little, if any, leads to investigate. He says this is the only letter like this sent to the station and they have yet to identify a suspect.

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