Proposed development on Ashley Hall Plantation sparks controversy

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD)– Some West Ashley residents are speaking out against a proposed development on Ashley Hall Plantation.  According to the State Historic Preservation Office, Ashley Hall Plantation is one of the earliest settlements on the Ashley River.

The property also contains one of the oldest houses in the state of South Carolina.

“This is our Plymouth Rock, this is where it all started, ” said Larry Freudenburg. 

The property was recently bought by Myrtle Beach based development company, Carolina Holdings Group. 

“We are not stopping him from building anything what we are stopping is over building the area,” said Freudenburg.

West Ashley resident Larry Freudenburg  the proposed development will threaten the property’s history. 

“It is sad we are going to loose that heritage when it’s something that Charleston prides themselves on you know this tie to history and know we are going to bulldoze it?,” said one neighbor.

The developer is working to annex the property into the City of Charleston. The proposed plan features up to 61 single family houses.

City of Charleston officials say the cluster plan will allow them to section off the most historic areas of the property. The plan  create publicly accessible park for the historic area.

“To demolish this plantation in order to build 60 cluster house its unbelievable that the city o f charleston would allow them to destroy their heritage like that.


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