CCSD meets amidst ‘principal shuffle’ & teacher evaluation concerns

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Parents and teachers are still speaking out against the Charleston County School District following their announcement of transferring principals and the prospect of students’ test scores being used to evaluate teachers.

Hundreds attended the board meeting Monday night to listen or address district officials. Dozens were forced to stand in the hallways and others protested outside as the room quickly reached capacity.

“I know that my son’s personal test performance absolutely should not be reflective of the effort and success of his teacher in the classroom,” said Megan Hatton, “or any given teacher in the district.”

EdFirstSC organizer and teacher Patrick Hayes says the board knows this latest move is not working out for them. “I think we need a change in leadership,” said Hayes.

“When you’re a young person and you took the wrong turn, you don’t say ‘oh I made a mistake,’ some people try to play it off”, said CCSD School Board Member Kevin Hollinshead. Hollinshead says people and the the rest of the board need to remember that Dr. Gerrita Postlewait is still a fairly new addition to the district.

“Most people try to buy five years of time to to implement their plan,” said Hollinshead, “whether the retool is good or not, they always try to retool something.”

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