Wisconsin family rides out tornado in bathtub

CHETEK, Wis. (KARE) – The Samuelson family is bruised and battered after a tornado destroyed their mobile home outside of Chetek, Wisconsin. But after experiencing a life and death situation, they’re grateful they still have each other.

“I told the girls we can get new stuff. As long as we have each other. We’re safe, that’s all that matters,” said Lenna Samuelson, 46.

Lenna’s husband, Brent, was at work when the storms hit around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. She was with her youngest daughter, Brenna, her oldest daughter, Ashley, and Ashley’s nearly 3-month-old son, Nolan, when they began to hear the howling.

They rushed to the bathroom.

“I paused for a second to shut the door to the bathroom. And I just felt the place just go,” Lenna recalled. “I was tossed forward. Something hit me in the back, something hit me in the head.”

At the same time, Brenna clutched Nolan in the bathtub when the wind knocked him from her arms.

“As soon as everything stopped, that was my first thought. Where is he? Is he okay?” asked Ashley.

Read more: http://kare11.tv/2qAaF7u

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