Fidget spinners cause distraction in Lowcountry classrooms

CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — A popular toy is getting some kids in trouble at school. Some teachers and principals are banning fidget spinners because they’re a distraction in class.

The toys are marketed to be for people with ADD or other disorders. The devices are supposed to be calming and help students concentrate. But some parents and teachers say the devices are doing the opposite—they’re more like a distraction.

“I can definitely see that this may calm down and soothe … I can definitely see this would be something good,” said Lauren Courcoux, who bought fidget spinners for her kids. She’s also a substitute teacher.

“For a child to just have it as a toy in class, to me, it was kind of aggravating,” she said.

Fidget spinners come in different designs, and some even light up. They cost anywhere around $5.00 to $25.00, and sometimes they cost more.

Many people purchase them online, but they can also be found in stores like Walgreens and 5 Below.

School districts in the tri-county area have not implemented any rules or regulations for fidget spinners. Rules for their use are up to the discretion of the schools’ administrators or teachers.

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