Cottageville Elementary’s health and wellness initiatives help students develop healthy habits

Healthy living initiatives keeps students on the move at Cottageville Elementary and helps them develop a taste for nutritious food, well some of them.  We’re in Colleton county for our Cool School of the week.

Students at Cottageville Elementary walk every day before the start of class.  It’s part of the school’s long list of healthy living initiatives. “We’re a part of the MUSC Boeing grant, and we have established several healthy initiatives this year,” says  school nurse Donna Waddell.   “We want to promote health and wellness with all of our students, our community and staff here.  It’s important to everybody.”

CES has wiggle stools in the classroom, a running club,  bike to school day, rethink your drink water campaign, Zumba classes, and more.   Principal Janis Headden says, “They’ve been very excited about it. They like trying the new foods. They like that we have moved our recess before lunch. They like walking in the morning before they get here, and we’ve had a really great outcome with our running club.”

Cottageville also  started a be healthy live well program fro for staff as well. Parents also have the opportunity to learn about healthy habits during Healthy Living night.  Nurse Waddell says, “We have the Two Bite club.  Twice a month the students are offered to take two bites of a food, then evaluate their results, whether they think it’s yummy or yucky. It’s been very popular.  We have the fruit and vegetable grant we do twice a week. On Tuesdays they taste a different fruit.  On Thursday a different vegetable every week, and provide their input.” Fifth-grade student Dakota Hill says, “I really think it’s a good way to help the children and get them active and healthy”

Cottageville Elementary School has 550 students in pre-k through fifth grade. CES has Palmetto Gold and Silver awards and has  won Clean School of the year for the past three years for Colleton County School District.

The Microbots, the school’s  robotics team  won the Rising Star award.

Coming up friday on News 2,  we’ll present Cottageville Elementary with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things that are going on at your school.   Just send an email to Octavia at omitchell@

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